About Saint Stanislaus Kostka School

We are a Catholic elementary school educating a diverse population of children from Northern Berkshire County of Massachusetts and from Southern Vermont.

Located in Adams, MA, we serve students from several Catholic parishes and welcome children of other faiths on a space available basis.

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Over one hundred years ago, Saint Stanislaus Kostka School opened its doors to educate the hearts and minds of children of parish families.

The world in 1913 was indeed different from our world today. The majority of parishioners were employed in the local textile mills. Moms and Dads worked long hours and raised large families. Pleasures in life were simple. Luxuries, such as vacations, cruises, and national or international travel were beyond the realm of imagination for these early twentieth-century folk. What mattered most to them was their Catholic faith, pride in their family, and observance of dearly held traditions, which they brought over from their central European culture.

In classrooms where teacher-to-student ratio often exceeded one to fifty, in a school building heated by coal, youngsters learned about the love of God, the care of the Blessed Virgin Mary and their Guardian Angels, and the need for prayer, the sacraments, and worship in their daily lives. They learned the importance of honesty and the value of trust. Morals were modeled in the home and taught in school by religious Sisters who dedicated their lives to the Christian education of children.

And in this atmosphere of faith, the children worked hard to master reading, mathematics, geography, and civics, all the while writing their assignments in the most perfect penmanship imaginable. Graduates of the school usually found themselves head and shoulders above their peers in terms of preparation for academic success in high school and beyond.

In a gradual, yet real way, much has changed at St. Stan’s since the early twentieth century. Teacher-to-student ratio is now one to seventeen. Classroom furnishings attest to the presence of cutting edge technology. Dedicated lay teachers have taken the place of religious sisters in the classroom. Outreach programs, dramatic presentations field trips, and early childhood programs all give testimony to educational advancements which parallel national, as well as global, developments.

Amidst the change, St. Stanislaus Kostka School has remained the same “where it counts.” The Catholic faith, pride in family, and the dearly held traditions which came over with our ancestors are alive and well in the life of the school. These values give our present day students the reason, the discipline, and the drive to work for excellence on a personal, parish, civic and global family level. Family members join the administration and faculty in modeling honesty, service, and dedication as they work together to prepare the children to be moral leaders in the Church and the twenty-first century world.

Education of the mind and heart. That was St. Stanislaus Kostka School of the past. That is the mission of the present. Let us proudly go forward!

Surrounded by love, our children grow…

...in faith:

Prayer services
Daily religion classes
Sacramental preparation
Sacrament of reconciliation
Parish liturgical traditions
Coronation of Mary
Altar servers
Children of Mary

..in friendship:

Buddy system
Holiday celebrations
School dances
Field trips
Spirit activities
Family events
School-wide Christmas Program
Field Day

...in knowledge:

Gardening program
Music program
Integrated Art
Computer lab and Internet access
10,000 volume library
Curriculum fair
Safety Awareness program
Writers’ Workshop for Grade 6,7,8

...in service:

Read with buddies
Support fund raisers
St. Jude Math-A-Thon
Spell-A-Thon for missions
Caroling for seniors
Outreach Programs