The St. Stanislaus School faculty is a dedicated and talented team which provides students with many opportunities to grow.

St. Stanislaus Kostka School strives to create a Christian environment for the growth of all its members – students, parents and staff – in a supportive community of friends in Christ. We believe that we must provide quality academic education which will develop the abilities and talents of each child. We aim to provide the student with instruction and activities to achieve academic success. We seek to guide the child to live as a creative, competent and caring person, and to share in his/her growth of faith in Christ. We believe this growing faith is nurtured by our shared prayerful response to each day’s joys and trials and our awareness of the needs of the greater community around us. As a community we emphasize justice and values. The school recognizes the role of parents as the primary educators and encourages family involvement.

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Mrs. Dean


Ms. Demeo

Mrs. Meaney

Kindergarten Aide
Melissa Zepka

Ms. Zepka


Mrs. McConnell

2nd & 3rd Grade

Ms. Barosso


Mrs. Ireland

5th Grade

Ms. Brown


Mrs. Mendonca

7th Grade

Mr. Bourdon

8th Grade

Mrs. DiLego

Physical Education
Classroom web page

Mrs. Demarco


Ms. West

Title I / Special Education Teacher
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