Curriculum Overview

Saint Stanislaus Kostka School’s curriculum, developed by the Diocese of Springfield, MA, presents standards which are, at once, developmentally appropriate for students at the various grade levels and sufficiently challenging to stretch students to the limits of their potential.  Our teaching of the Catholic faith tradition defines the nature of our school and Gospel values are integrated throughout the academic programs.


Saint Stanislaus Kostka School’s schedule includes a daily Religion class. The Religion curriculum presented each year furthers the students’ knowledge of the Catholic faith and deepens their understanding of the meaning of the Liturgy and the Sacraments. The students pray in community and are taught various forms of personal prayer. Inspired by faith-filled teachers, the school keeps alive the traditional Catholic devotions throughout the year, including the Rosary, lighting of the Advent Wreath, Christmas Pageant, Stations of the Cross and Crowning of Mary.

Reading / Language Arts

Beginning in Pre-school, Saint Stanislaus Kostka School combines phonics, vocabulary and whole language to build a foundation for Reading, comprehension, and communication. Since all knowledge is conveyed through the written or spoken word, our students require strong skills to access and understand information in all disciplines.
Our teachers work to create learning environments that value critical thinking, oral, written, and visual communication as well as active participation of the students collaboratively and independently in the learning process.
To further promote the love for Reading, children in Grades K – 5 are given regular opportunities to browse and borrow books in the school’s library.

Social Studies

The aim of our school’s Social Studies curriculum is to introduce children to the ever wider community of our world. Our youngest students learn about the origins of our national holidays and participate in outreach programs in age-appropriate ways. As they advance through the grades, the children learn about the ways that local, state, national and foreign communities organize and sustain themselves. As a Catholic School, we strive to develop in our students a keen awareness of both social justice and social responsibility as they consider both their needs and the needs of others.


By its nature, mathematics promotes logical and abstract thinking. Children in Pre-school through Grade 3 are provided with concrete experiences that illustrate a mathematical principle or process. Gradually, the students develop the ability to apply concrete experiences to real world and abstract situations, often as problem solving. The major goals for our Pre-school – Grade 8 mathematics education are:

  • Proficiency with whole numbers
  • Proficiency with fractions
  • Proficiency with aspects of Geometry and measurement


Saint Stanislaus Kostka School’s Science program helps our students gain a basic knowledge of Science and its processes and appreciate the wonder of God’s universe.

In the early grades, the children’s natural curiosity, along with teacher guidance, leads to comparing, contrasting, and classifying various areas of study e.g. humans, animals, plants, habitats, etc.

As students progress, the Science curriculum supports their ability to understand the process of scientific inquiry to investigate questions, conduct experiments, and solve scientific problems. Central to our programs is the goal of creating articulate young people of faith, who can read with understanding, think critically, and make moral decisions based on factual knowledge of Science.

Students view slides under the microscope to learn about cell structure.